ATOTB Kitchen Update: September Recipes

We’ve had a few crazy busy weeks of recipe development here at A Tale of Two Bougies Kitchen HQ. This past week has seen us committing to stepping outside our usual (very Asian-themed) box, and playing with flavours and techniques that are a little more unfamiliar and less frequently used in our kitchen. We’ve alsoContinue reading “ATOTB Kitchen Update: September Recipes”

Snap, Crackling, Pop! Fennel, Roasted Garlic + Potato Soup with Crackling Pork Belly

Posted by Dani Sunario (@dani_sunario), Melbourne. This dish blew my mind. Not kidding. I made this, got so excited after my first mouthful, yelled out “FUAAAAAA” four times, then went and changed my pants. In that exact order. Oh, Mylanta. The only thing that could’ve enhanced this experience is if  my pork-belly-lovin’-lovers were here withContinue reading “Snap, Crackling, Pop! Fennel, Roasted Garlic + Potato Soup with Crackling Pork Belly”

Korean Barbie: Spicy BBQ Ribs + Kimchi Potato Salad

Posted by Tiff (@tiffanyalisonha), Perth.  If there’s something I crave all the time, it’s a Korean barbie. No, not the svelte, impossibly proportioned dancing and singing machines you see on PopAsia on a Sunday morning – the edible kind! The kind where you get together with some mates, grill some deliciously marinated bits ofContinue reading “Korean Barbie: Spicy BBQ Ribs + Kimchi Potato Salad”